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Family Christmas Activities That Create Memories For A Lifetime

Christmas quickly approaches and vacation time for children as well. We therefore wonder how we are going to entertain our children during the Christmas holidays.

Christmas holidays are the best moment to share activities between adults and children.

The first of these Christmas activities is to get back into the mood for the magic and the festive spirit of Christmas by visiting shopping malls organizing beautiful Christmas windows; which are an eternally renewed delight for the children and their parents.

Some shopping malls are also organizing Christmas stores consisting of a path to the lighting, Christmas decorations, displayed scenes from Christmas movies, train sets and toys simulating real situations; static or interactive decorations as a fire truck and fire fighters helping the victims of a fire or the express of the King’s Cross railway station platform 9-3/4 bringing Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts.

A little further on, after seeing Rudolph surrounded by elves and goblins relaxing on a fairy forest, we enter in the fantastic house of Barbie; which contains 35 rooms decorated for Christmas. Do not disturb her, she is hosting a Christmas party.

Another three steps and we will enter in the victorian area of this Christmas dream: hundreds of beautiful teddy bears are playing in a green grass area. Ten meters after them, we are approaching a bedroom where luxurious old fashioned porcelain dolls are sleeping in their cradle.

At the end of this path, we meet Santa Claus, sitting on a golden seat and waiting for our children to communicate their Christmas wish list to him.

A picture of Santa Claus holding our child on his laps closes this magical Christmas journey that reminds us the taste and the atmosphere of our own childhood. This fairy journey will also become our first Christmas memory of the year.

The second activity will be the Christmas decoration of our house and the Christmas tree. Is there a better Christmas activity than this one; which our children will remember when they will grow up and become parents? It will certainly give them the desire to perpetuate these traditions.

I remember the first time I decorated the Christmas tree with my mother and she told me to not to touch the flocking which simulated the snow because she thought that it would cut my fingers. I did not believe her… When my son helped me to decorate the Christmas tree for the first time, I told him not to touch the flocking and within one second, the taste and the atmosphere of my own childhood Christmas holidays came back to my memory.

When the tree and the house are decorated, we will install the crib that represents the Nativity scene. Children have not lost their primary instincts and the scene will usually be more secure than beautiful, as if they wanted to protect the baby Jesus twenty centuries after his birth. Let them install the Christmas crib while we supervise their work.

The scene of the nativity is also the opportunity to educate children about the birth of Jesus and the meaning of Christmas; and it is a fun way to learn history.

Another Christmas activity to share with our family is to walk on the streets to discover the gardens decorated with Santa Claus on his sleigh or climbing along the front of the houses, the lights on the municipal Christmas tree as well as participate in Christmas Events organized by the municipality.

After a long and tiring day, we will enjoy a warm evening by watching a Christmas movie with our children, drink hot chocolate and eat waffles or cookies.

These are some basic activities that will create, for us and our children, Christmas memories that will last for a lifetime.

Prosperity66 is an European History, Holidays and Tarot cards passionate. For more Christmas Gift Ideas feel free to visit Christmas Time Guide. For more Christmas Kids Activities, visit Christmas Coloring and Craft Printables.

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